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  • A Class is a term that is used to describe some grouping of things. Classes may be related to other classes via a notion of subclass/inheritance.
    • OWL: Classes correspond to Classes as defined in OWL2. In general classes are used to group individuals that have something in common in order to refer to them. Hence, classes essentially represent sets of individuals. In modelling, classes are often used to denote the set of objects comprised by a concept of human thinking, like the concept person or the concept woman. --Owl2 Primer
    • RDF: Classes are similar to the RDF Schema classes that are used to group resources. Distinct from RDF, we do not consider other Classes or Properties to be members of a Class.
    • UML: Classes correspond to UML Classes, i.e. classes in the object-oriented programming sense. Classes are objects in a system that have some predefined set of attributes and behaviour. They may also be represented with UML Class diagrams.

Propose a New Class

See something missing below? There are two ways to propose a new Class:

  1. If you have a different definition for an existing term, propose your definition as a subclass of the appropriate class below, or
  2. If you have a definition for a completely new class, then propose a new class here:

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